Millwall Squad 1995/96
Millwall Squad 1995/96 Squad Picture: (Left to Right) Back Row: Micky Bennett, Kerry Dixon, Tony Witter, Uwe Fuchs, Jason Van Blerk, Chris Malkin, Greg Berry, Anton Rogan and Damien Webber. Middle Row: Keith Johnson, Michael Harle, Keith Stevens, Ricky Newman, Dave Savage, Jimmy Nielsen, Kasey Keller, Dave Wietcha, Alistair Edwards, Bobby Bowry, Maurice Doyle, Richard Cadette and Ian McDonald. Front Row: Phil O'Neil, Ben Thatcher, Scott Taylor, Mick McCarthy, Ian Evans, Steven Forbes, Lee McRobert, James Connor and Mark Beard.
Millwall Squad 1996/97
Millwall Squad 1996/97: (Left to Right) Back Row: Tony Dolby, Anton Rogan, Jason Van Blerk, Damien Webber, Dave Savage, Tony Witter, Chris Malkin and Ricky Newman. Middle Row: Keith Johnson, Brendan Markey, Keith Stevens, James Connor, Kasey Keller, David Nurse, Tim Carter, Bobby Bowry, Maurice Doyle, Richard Cadette and Ken Barry. Front Row: Ian McDonald, Jason Dair, Paul Hartley, Gerard Lavin, Jimmy Nicholl, Martin Harvey, Lucas Neill, Steve Crawford, David Sinclair and Ron Howard.
Millwall Squad 1997/98
Millwall Squad 1997/98: (Left to Right) Back Row: Steven Aris, Dave Savage, Alan McLeary, Brian Law, Tony Witter, Damien Webber, Keith Stevens, Scott Fitzgerald, Paul Sturgess and Danny Hockton. Middle Row: Gill Chapman, Kenny Brown, Ricky Newman, Graham Robertson, Tim Carter, James Connor, David Nurse, Dean Canoville, Lee McRobert, Bobby Bowry and Gerry Docherty Front Row: Marc Bircham, Lucas Neill, Jason Dair, Paul Hartley, Kevin O'Callaghan, Billy Bonds, Pat Holland, Maurice Doyle, Brendan Markey, Gerard Lavin and Paul Allen.
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