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Total segregation - that's the police plan for Tuesday’s Milk Cup return leg at the Den between Millwall and Chelsea Rival fans will be cut off from each other, both on the terrace and in the stands.

Supt Francis Wilkinson, at Lewisham Police station is co-ordinating arrangements for the match.

He refused to disclose the number of officers who will be on duty, but confirmed that mounted police will be brought in.

He added: “We don't normally have them, but we have used them on occasions.”

Police will be keeping a watch on New Cross and New Cross Gate stations. They will also be on the look at London Bridge, Elephant and Castle and at bus stops.

Supt Wilkinson said: “All tickets are colour-coded and it would help enormously if fans did use the entrance indicated on their tickets.”

“If they don't it's a half mile walk from one to the other. After the game we hope that people will disperse quickly and quietly.”

The Lions have a tough task, but the two-goal margin isn't beyond them. The doubt I have is their ability not to concede a goal.

With an early break, they could shake Chelsea, but the visitors must be favourites to go through.
Flying Eye!
New way to beat the thugs A helicopter will be part of the crowd control back-up as Lewisham police mount their biggest soccer operation in years at The Den tonight.

Police are refusing to disclose the number of officers who will be on duty under their plan to prevent a clash between Millwall and Chelsea fans at the all-ticket Milk-Cup match.

But the helicopter - equipped with searchlights - will be available to assist the police on the ground. The aircraft was over The Den during last week's clash with Derby, but Supt. Frank Wilkinson denied this was part of a dress rehearsal for tonight's operation.

He said, “It was in the area as we had some trouble with fans around the ground. We have no specific plans to use the helicopter but it win he available if we need it.”

The peace plan worked out between the club and police hinges on identifying rival fans through the different coloured tickets sold at the Den and Stamford Bridge.
Lions ace can come up trumps
by Brain Stater

MILLWALL maestro Anton Otulakowski will be a marked man at The Den tonight.

The midfield ace and striker Dean Neal are seen by Chelsea as the Lions stars most likely to force a Milk Cup turn around in the return leg of the second round clash.

Manager George Graham's Millwall outfit will attempt to claw back a 3-1 deficit in front of an expected 12,000 crowd.

Chelsea assistant boss Ian McNeill revealed, “Neal and Otulakowski will he big dangers. Before Anton joined Millwall, we tried to buy him. We know exactly what he can do.”

Otulakowski said, “I think this could be the perfect stage for the club. We've been trying to get a strong spirit at Millwall for a couple of years and recently it's all come together.”

“I think the players will be out to win for everyone not just themselves. There's a feeling that we all want to do well for the entire club. The money involved for the players isn't enormous at this stage of the competition and we'll be playing for the club rather than ourselves. We want to do well for the staff, the chairman - and certainly for the fans.”

Meanwhile manager George Graham is plotting a slow but steady approach to the game.

He said, “We must go into it with a bit of common sense. If we go all out from the start we could get caught by Chelsea and be in trouble.”

And Graham will also be looking for a good performance from Otulakowski. He said, “Anton is a very fine player - but he hasn't been scoring as regularly as I would like.”

Meanwhile, Millwall have stopped selling tickets for tonight's match and are insisting that any fan without one should stay away.

Chief executive Tony Shaw said, “There is no chance at all of anyone getting in who has not already bought a ticket.”

The club expect a crowd of around 12,000 after selling all 2,000 stand seats.

Shaw joked, “That part of the ground is completely solid. If Bobby Robson decided to turn up we'd have trouble finding some where to put him!”

If the aggregate scores are level after 90 minutes the game goes in to extra time, and away goals will count double, if the sides are still deadlocked.

Millwall will take a 50 per cent share of tomorrow's receipts, after expenses and a Football League levy have been deducted.

Anton Otulakowski

● Marked Man: Chelsea will keep a close eye on Anton Otulakowski
Hollins: expect a Milk Cup Shaker
by Michael Hart

Chelsea coach John Hollins warned of the pitfalls facing his side tonight when they defend a 3-1 lead against Millwall -In the second round second leg of the Milk Cup.

The first division side can expect a hostile reception at the Den and Hollins said “This is going to be a very hard game for us.”

“Millwall had a tremendous result at Gillingham on Saturday, played well against in the first leg and must be in a very optimistic mood.”

“They'll be on a high and it's up to us to impose our style of play on them.”

Millwall moved to third place in Division Three with Saturday's emphatic 4-1 win at Gillingham.

“That was our best away performance since I joined the club,” said manager George Graham.

I was proud of the way we played at Stamford Bridge in the first leg and if we can get an early goal tonight, we will put ourselves back in with a chance.”

Graham who played in the same Chelsea side as Hollins retains the side that beat Gillingham.

Chelsea, too, expect to be unchanged. That means Bumstead keeps his midfield place because winger Pat Nevin is still troubled by a stomach upset.

Millwall are adopting strict security measures tonight. It is an all ticket match, limited to 21,000, but Chelsea estimate they, have sold only 3,000 of their 9,000 allocation of tickets.
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